Lake SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards

SUP ATX offers ideal stand up paddle boards for lake usage. While all SUP ATX paddle boards are shaped and built for ocean surf use, these boards are also ideally suited for SUP Lake use, are durable, easy to manage, affordable and come in many color schemes and mulitple lenths. Lake SUP has become the fastest growing activity in the sporting goods sector and SUP ATX is the #1 stand up paddle board maker in the world, based in Austin, Texas. Lake SUP! SUP ATX also redefined the stand up paddle with its all carbon fiber, adjustable length, paddles. SUP ATX Paddles available here.

SUP a Lake! Stand Up Paddling Not Just for Oceans Any Longer!

Stand Up Paddle surfing is traditionally an ocean sport, but once SUP ATX Founder Nick Matzorkis begain paddling, that all changed. He launched SUP ATX with the mission of spreading the fast growing sport from surfing areas on oceans, to lakes and rivers of all kinds around the world.

In September of 2009, the SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey from Malibu to Austin, in many ways, represented the official movement of the sport from the coasts inland. A group of stand up paddle surfers from Malibu and Austin embarked on a four day journey to introduce and popularize the sport of stand up paddling on lakes, rivers, swimming pools, and even duck ponds.

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